Life is a game of chess: A poem by Ankurita Khajanchi

Life, we should realize, is a game of chess.
A KING is important, and a QUEEN is no less.
The BLACKS and the WHITES have equal space,

Success makes the noise, no matter the race.

Irrevocable it is, when you make a MOVE,
Choices make the difference, you have to prove.
STALEMATE is just life’s another phase,
RESIGN with dignity, accept it with grace.

The ROOK says, focus on your way,
Do not worry about, what people will say.
The KNIGHT can help you realize your limitations,
Work upon them with perseverance and patience.
Opportunity seldom knocks twice,
Learn from the BISHOP to grab it without compromise.

The PAWN may be of a lesser rank and reward,
Remember, a needle’s work can not be done by the sword.
Pawn in us will reach the other side for WINNING,
Face the hardships, for the goal, is to be QUEENING.

Though the King is most important of the lot.
But is it most powerful? No, it is not!
So, when you are on cloud nine,
Do not be pretentious, stay benign.

When trouble comes your way, be ready to give CHECKMATE,
Yes, my dear, the brave are always favored by fate!