Letter of Gratitude: A Story by Lakshmi Ajoy

Anita was a simple woman in her early forties. She was married with two children, had a successful career, owned a house and car too. She had a full time house help and earned a six figured salary. A perfect life, one would think.
However, she constantly kept complaining about how life had not been fair to her, how her children were constantly bothering her and how her husband never helped her with the daily chores.
Life at forty can never easy, for one generally suffers from ‘mid-life crisis.’ Overcoming them can be quite daunting.
Every morning started with,
“Anita, have you seen my wallet?”
“Mummy, I am unable to find my socks.”
“Mummy, why have you made upma for breakfast? I hate it.”
At work, things were no different. Her boss went, “Anita, we have a presentation tomorrow. Make a PowerPoint.”
If she replied with, “Boss, this is a last minute plan. How can I make a presentation in less than twenty-four hours?”
The response would be, “Anita, I know you well. Don’t tell me you can’t do it. You have handled worse challenges before.”
Life seemed an absolute mess with the mounting chores. There seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel.
On a Saturday morning, when everyone was still in bed, Anita felt restless. It was just six in the morning.
The sun was yet to rise above and the vast skies wore a shade of purple with a tinge of pink.
Anita got out of bed, freshened up and went to the temple to light the lamp.
As she opened the drawer to pick the matchbox, she found a hidden letter neatly folded kept at the bottom of the drawer.
She took the letter, went to the balcony and sat on the cushioned chair.
She opened to read the contents. It was a letter that she had written to God, long, long ago.
It read,
‘Dear God,
I can only be thankful for the wonderful life You have gifted me. A perfect life without any major illnesses, a complete family, and so much abundance.
I have no dearth of things as love and gratitude keeps flowing like an endless river gushing my life towards fulfillment.
If ever I feel dejected about these precious gifts and exemplary life, please do remind me that life is filled with choices we can make.
Remind me that there are many who suffer loneliness and ill- health.
Refresh my memory of the happy days and those perfections in my life despite the imperfections.
Let me remain in total awareness of the goodness and in gratitude of the cherishing essences of life.
Let me never forget that You are forever present as the guiding beacon of Light.’
My eyes were brimming with tears of ecstasy and gratitude as I experienced the first rays of the morning sun filling the skies and drenching my form in supreme bliss.
I smiled. I had nothing more to complain about.