Inferno: A poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

Perched on a raging tortuous inferno she cried out in fear and pain
Hell broke loose on her, conceding life, she shed tears in vain
She entered his life with flames of  love in her eyes
Little aware, by trusting him , she was trusting all lies
In a dungeon of despair she lay when distanced from their close companionship
Deprived n’ dejected, insulted n’ injured facing a broken relationship
His mocking laughter and condescending voice rang in her ears even when ended
Facing his persecution and contumely, bitterness upon her descended
Would she to an outrageous flame give her life?
Surrender to grueling heat ready to consume her strife ?
Charred and scarred, choked in smoke, she smelt his angry breath
Yet from the burning ember she tried to cloak herself in strength
Realizing that her dreams had fallen to ashes
She rose up in a fiery fury before anything anymore smashes
Determined, she herself became a powerful inferno, ablaze and in full flight
The fire that once burned her, lit her to be purified
Burning all negativity, she rose with her fortitude regained
She became free, renewed, regenerated to walk the path of her life again
Mustering up a fire, she discarded all her doubts and sorrows
She became free, free to choose a better tomorrow