Shooting star: A poem by Dr. Guncha Gupta

That night when all seemed amiss and the thunder rumbled,
Its ugly head raised like an adder’s in the sky,
Two scared eyes from under the duvets peered,
Expecting colossal light-bolt any moment to strike.

Lo n’ behold! a magical shower escaped,
As meteors slid slyly n’
Parallel sparks like star dust radiated far in the distance,
Sparklers glowing in the hands of an excited child.

The dark clouds of doom parted
As bright magical shower drenched the firmament
Like a bejeweled radiant bride.
Fear left, awestruck the peering eyes twinkled.

Enchanted by the realms of this universe
That like little fairies with their wands lit
Danced a shimmy in the night sky,
Transforming a stormy scary night
Into jubilation that only shooting stars could provide.

As if the welkin, mother-like awash with emotion,
Shooting stars like candles stuck on a heavenly cake,
Made sure some wishes came to life!