In you I found my paradise: A poem by Supriya Bansal

Paradise, they say is a place of exceptional pleasure ‘n delight 
Is it really the same, what I experience each day ‘n every night? 
The smile that reaches your eyes, cherubic radiant angelic, a bit divine 
Shines in my soul, glazes my insides, isn’t that really the heaven I presumed as mine?
You sprint to me, enclose me in a soft cuddle, a warm embrace 
isn’t that the bliss, the joy I would feel nestled, cradled in His grace? 
Your tiny clasp holds my hand, tugs at my heart, renders me whole 
Isn’t that, I fancied I’d reap from the speculated seraphic paradisal stroll  
The glimmer, glow, sparkle, that twinkle of your playful eyes 
Isn’t it, the celestial elysian astral light shining in your guise? 
At night as you meander close, burying your face close to mine 
A whiff of your baby scent sends me closer to heaven than a sacred shrine 
People may long, pine, dream about heaven, that elusive paradise 
Count me out, O’ folks for the smithereens I have here will suffice 
When I became a mother, in my baby I found my earth ‘n universe combined 
In her I found my heaven; eternal sunshine, love, hopes,
 dreams ‘n all the joys intertwined!! 
He/ His-refers to god/the almighty here