In the Abyss


Wasted past, uneventful present, future in the dark,

With trembling mind and body, my legs are once again in the abyss.

Once more I am on my ashes,

witnessing life silently dying in the ashtray


The moment never came, I deceived myself all along

Time flew by, and with it flew away the urge,

for which I come again and again


I accomplished nothing, except relationships, pelf, power and recognition,

that faded like the fading colours of life.

Time consumed everything I thought mine

except my regrets and

one more opportunity went in vain


Time consumed the best part of life–

my childhood and youth

In return, it gave me nothing,

but an ounce of external glitter which is so heavy on my shoulder,

Something I cannot live with,

Something I cannot carry to the other side


Smruti Ranjan Mohanty

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