100-Word Story

Nature’s Child Touches the Sky

She is a child of nature; bowers her home, always finds path, and turns in clouds and virgin streams. An orphan, she worked in homes of the rich, ate at the temple and slept in the lap of mother nature. Fond of studies, she learnt alphabet and sought education on her own. Like a bird who doesn’t have nest but flies high in sky, and carves a niche for itself, she quietly climbed high staircase of life. Today when she entered the portal of University as a teacher, mountains bowed, streams sang, temple bells chimed, celebrating her success in life.

Ritu Kamra Kumar


The Turning Point

Reema sat near the window as the rain poured mercilessly on the window sill. She loved watching rain so much, but now her likes did not matter much. She was lost in her thoughts. Her eyes clouded as she remembered the dreadful day that had turned her life upside down. Had she not gone out that day, she would not have gotten picked by the goons. Just sixteen, she was sold in the brothel, and her horrible journey began.

A sharp turn in her life changed her from an innocent, carefree teenager to a lifeless body and scarred her forever.

Sheetal Pradhan Deshpande

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