In God’s Eyes: A Poem by Anwesha Bhattacharya

We are but a speck in the celestial,
Who revel in being God’s finest creation,
How often we forget that in God’s eyes,
The micro and the micro are in the same guise!

‘Man the Wise’ we call ourselves,
Looking upon the world with false supremacy,
Exploiting the very bounty that nourishes us,
In God’s merciful eyes we remain invictus!

Swelling in the glory of our own Kingdom,
We devastate lives with the hunger for power,
While God looks on with sarcastic mirth,
At the Fool’s paradise he had given birth!

Man creates and worships his own image,
In the name of God, resorts to blasphemy,
Creating boundaries and narrow divides,
A comedy of errors in god’s eyes!