In death came the gift of life: A story by Preethi Warrier

“Got the cadaver.” I heard an attendant at the eye bank call, someone.
 I peeped into the room where the cadaver lay. 
A young accident victim, his body lay covered in a white sheet. Beside the body stood his relatives screaming and sobbing. I couldn’t see them clearly and I couldn’t witness their sorrow. So I walked back to the eye bank at the hospital basement.
Soon, the potential recipients came in, a teenager tapping his stick, supported by his parents. All beaming with joy, eager to know when the transplant could happen.
The blind teenager was readied for his transplant operation and his parents heaved a sigh of relief as he was wheeled into the operation theatre.
I sighed. How something as sinister as DEATH, could be both. A colossal tragedy for one, but  A ray of hope, a second chance, LIFE to someone else.

Life was indeed strange, a miracle. Even it ends could liven up someone.

I felt proud to have pledged my eyes too and I now saw the cadaver being brought in. They raised his white sheet and I looked, to suddenly realize that, the cadaver had my face.