I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud: A Poem by Garima Sudan Kapoor

I wandered lonely as a cloud but doesn’t stop.
When I’m submerged with emotions, I let it all rain from the top.
I rain but sometimes I remain calm,
People feel my droplets on their palms.
Roaming from one place to another,
But still I go back to the place I know!
My roots, my existence, my emotions all go in a flow.
Lightning thunders around me,
But those voices don’t matter to me.
When I let the outpour down, everyone’s faces light up.
I do hide the Sun in storms for a few moments,
But the existence of the Sun is such that I cannot suppress it, nor can its light be hidden anywhere.
I shower love on the Earth whereas in the sky, I live somewhere!
I am a cloud that wanders but doesn’t stop.