I Miss Your Lullaby: A Poem by Vasudha Pansare

O mother! I miss your lullaby,
I miss your hand on my forehead,
Gently patting me to sleep,
Your soft voice singing the old songs,
I remember the words, the melody.

Under the moonlight, you would hold me,
Gather me in your arms,
Caressing, kissing my cheeks,
Rocking me to sleep, so tenderly,
Singing the soothing lullaby.

I sang the same melodious lullaby,
For my children, and now for my grandchildren,
Holding them lovingly in my arms,
I sing your songs, and feel your presence.
Though you are gone, I see you near me.

Sometimes in my dreams I hear,
Your soft, soothing voice dispersing my fears,
From somewhere in heaven far away,
You surely look upon me affectionately,
Erasing my nightmares with your lullaby.