I Miss Your Lullaby : A Poem by Amrita Chatterjee


I miss your lullaby and the nights have gone by,
When I’d cling to your softness and warmth, 
A whole new world awaited in those songs of sleep, 
Coaxing me to embark on a dreamy sojourn.

Tales of fairies and their mellifluous smiles, 
Their happiness that skitters and shines in stars,
The nymphs wandering in woods and water,
Beautiful maidens of nature slathered with stardust.

Pretty mermaids, their enchanting lives undersea,
Adorned in shells and pearls riding on waves of ecstasy,
The bewitching sirens and their captivating songs, 
Unwary sailors responding to a fate forlorn.

The naughty elves who have made their home in the Moon,
Every dusk light up the orb their shadows in patches seen,
The ghouls that wander in the fathomless blue,
Their descent was prevented by the clouds afloat.

I miss your lullaby and the nights have gone by,
Realms of fantasy no longer beckon me in a berceuse,
Bereft of the gently rocking cradle of your melodious voice,
My woebegone nights toss and turn in dissonance.