I am She: A Poem by Mukesh Sharma

I am She, a bud within the storm,
My petals bruised, but holding to their form.
A wounded songbird, voice still strangely clear,
Lifting shattered notes towards starlight near.
She is the wolf, defiant beneath the moon,
Her scars like constellations newly strewn.
A weathered ship that rides the shifting waves,
Seeking harbor where the spirit braves.
She is the ocean, depths where treasures lie,
Sunken hopes like pearls beneath the sky.
Though shadows linger in the currents deep,
A luminescence stirs, stirs from its sleep.
A mirror mended, fragments fused with gold,
Reflecting strength and stories yet untold.
Her eyes may hold the memory of tears,
But flickering within, a fire appears.
I am She, a vessel finding course,
My wounds the wellspring, and my will the source.
Though darkness lingers, dawn begins to break,
And from the embers, wings of flame awake.