Both Fire and Magic: A Poem by Sujata Dash

I am the Eve- the source of life
embody both fire and magic
I am a consonance of honey and bitter pill
per se, a splendid aura of finesse and dexterity

I inundate lives with unconditional love and care
quell spells of sorrow and misery
I am ‘s he’ , ‘he’ is just a chunk of me
proud to pronounce -‘a curious lexicon, a different tribe’

a zesty brook of endearment I am
amaze strong and weak alike
by gushing dollops of warmth, embalming hurt pride

I remain effervescent and vivacious
away from ragged edge of dark confusion
even when locus plays hide and seek with emotion

my values are devoutly traditional yet crisply modern
hence, I remain on all giving mode
be it harsh or cozy-any season of the year

I am dawn’s ruddy glow, an anthem of hope
kindle forgiveness and compassion
in every weary demeanor and cowering soul.