I am me: A poem by Amrita Mallik

 You make me akin to the beautiful Heba,
Like the charming Aphrodite, my sensuality captivates you.
When I’m closer to the wild Artemis, protecting the world,
You detest and reproach my rawness, labeling me a misfit.

You accept me as Demeter, the goddess of harvest and fertility,
For my austerity and protecting nature, you laud me as Hera.
I become Tyche when I tactfully manage the finances,
Yet, as the daunting Athena, I find the least acknowledgment.

Loyally preserving the warmth of your house as Hestia,
I mostly receive insult, ignominy, and ill-treatment.
Yet, like Hera, I can return your dues mercilessly.
Like Rhea or Leto, motherhood can make me desperate.

‘Who am I?’ I question myself looking at the mirror,
Every night when I open layers after layers like winter gear.
So many masks I need to wear every day to people-please,
That the real and vulnerable me scares me to hell.

I gladly don’t match anybody’s interpretation,
I’m proudly perfect in my frailties and attributes,
If you wanna be my friend remove your filters,

Remember, I’m me, and that best defines me.