Hope – The Sustenance Of Life: A poem by Renette Peterson Dsouza

The sliver of light that shines at the end of the tunnel
In the dark the flickering candlelight that’s visible
It is hope – that is born when all is ending 
It sprouts the seeds of a new beginning.

When everything positive fades away
Hope springs forth to show us the way
It helps us overcome our every adversity
The driving force that makes us face all, bravely.

When times are tough and the good days are gone
It is hope that helps us carry on
Hope is both desire and expectation
The sustenance of life, from within.

It sustains life when all is not what it seems
When corruption threatens to put paid to your dreams
When a loved one is dying of a terminal disease
Hope is life’s balm to put you at ease.

The encouraging force in the face of gloom
The lone warrior that bravely faces doom.
When chances are slim and opportunities thinner
Hope works its magic and brings out a winner.