Attitude is Everything: A poem by Grace Nivedita SithaRaman

One may break, one may rise
One may go against the tide.
People are rude
when there is no food,
Poets pen in good mood.
Children dress in boot and suit
The seniors at times,
call themselves cool dude.
Attitude is everything! 

Reverse the game for a change.
When a kind word is said
in lieu of a bad mouth,
When a concerned hand
touches an arrogant wand
When rules are bent
to save a soul,
When a beggar is given
a full bowl.

The oppressed is placed
before the strong,
When the queer stands
 together and people
no more feel wrong.
When a transformed human
walks the path of redemption,
When the winner stands just
not alone,
takes the contingent home.
When the silver oaks shall
not weep in despair,
When children shall have
enough food and clothes to wear.
When workplace shall have
all kinds include…
This is what can be called
Positive attitude
Attitude is everything.!