Honesty: A poem by Bhargavi Ravindra

No legacy is as rich as honesty to leave behind
No asset is as great as honesty that enriches the mind
No voice is as powerful as honesty, your heart to guide
No word is as meaningful as honesty to swell with pride.

One who adheres to principle and facts is honest
One who loves for-what-than-who-you are, is honest
One who inspires to be fearless and upfront, is honest
One who dares to raise voice against injustice, is honest

In actions, words and dealings -be  clear and  transparent
Corruption, bribery, flattery, and nepotism-be always against
Greats endure pain to follow righteousness, however difficult
On life’s tight walk, do not crave to strike rich without sweat.

Win over lies, deceit, treachery with love, respect, and fair play
Honesty is a jewel that shines-shines brighter, rest fades away
Honesty is a bitter pill to gulp, gulp you must to lead the way
Quality than Quantity of life matters most, at the end of the day.

A child should be taught to be honest at a very early age
Set an example by emoting honesty at every step and stage
Honesty instills compassion, concern, credibility, and courage 
It is a  virtue that differentiates between a devil and a sage.

Stakes may be high, don’t ever compromise on values
A Right can never ever be Wrong , however one views
Forever under HIS scanner, keep hands clean and heart true (HIS …GOD)
Give best to humanity the best will come back to you.