Circle of life: A poem by Subhashchandra B. Adhav

Life itself is a stunning miracle
Even more awesome is its circle
As for my life is concerned I’m at its centre
I’m responsible for my life, my soul its sole mentor
The circle is expanding entailing something electromagnetic
Within this glorious circle I can have circles concentric
My virtues, abilities, and mettle define my radius
It decides diameter, perimeter, and circumference precious
My grief, perseverance, continual work compels me to heave a sigh
That fixes size, area, the shape of circle like a constant pie
At some point of circumference, periphery or boundary I may start
Segments of the arc will decide my circular part
I may be tempted to choose emotional short cut along chord
Still that may be in tune with my cordial cord
This is life’s segmental partial vivid scene
However, pre-birth and post-death life, who has seen?
Some insects like butterfly have an amazing cycle of life
As the old order changeth, we see twists and turns at various stages of life
The cyclic circle of life is still a big mystery
With cyclic circular nature life gets along with the enigmatic story