Highway of danger: A poem by Manisha Amol

Long black meandering highway in the darkness of night,
Trying hard to find our way gazing through the dim light,
Tough ride through criss-cross bushes, a thick canopy of trees,
Passing through this menacing jungle enraged with humming bees!

Stop! the red sign glowing beside a bridge over a rivulet,
Reluctantly we disembarked from the vehicle scared,
This jungle was manifested with wild animals and Naxals,
Black commandos escorting us silently tiptoed in the jungle!

Their footsteps on the dried leaves created an eerie sound,
Our hands in silent prayers and mind filled with fears abound.
Suddenly then appeared a wild tiger in front of us!
Dumbstruck we stood there mind and body motionless!

The wild cat looked at us but slowly moved away,
All heaved a sigh of relief and thanked God for this day!
Commandos returned cheerful clearing the area around,
Empty vehicle safely crossed the makeshift bridge making the low sound.

Reassured we jumped back onto the vehicle,
Looked up at the clear sky and the stars twinkle!
Leaving the jungle behind speeding on the highway,
Reminiscing the dreadful journey still in our memories