Helina: A Poem by Dipanjan Bhattacharjee

You are the one I dream all night,
And like a sun in the morning bright;
You kiss me up and fill my soul,
With your elixir; a divine bowl,
And I keep gazing at your face,
Oblivious of the mundane race.

You are the one I adore the most,
The tranquil breeze thru’ my coast.
You invigorate my slumberous soul,
And boost me face all odds to the goal.
And I keep savouring the days with you,
Forever happy beneath the blue.

You are the one whose aroma fills
My soul; like a bunch of daffodils, 
Beneath the floating clouds all sky.
And from you I learn to fly;
As those childhood fairy tales,
I seek for you across the dales.

You are the one I wait for ages,
But alas! Your fizzog adorns the pages.
There’s the book o’er my table,
A book of fairies; vibrant fables.
You are the queen of my lush dreamland,

O Helina! Tis time now! Come hold my hand.