Happiness is a Choice: A Poem by Dr. Shilpa Chakrabarti

Withstanding the ravages of time
Unshaken by others’ words and voice,
It must reside deep in your heart,
Happiness is about your own choice….

Content you may be, pleasing your loved ones, or
Rendering favours in exchange to many received by you;
Yet, a selfless act of kindness, or just a generous smile
Brightens your face, like a flower rejuvenated by morning-dew!

Happiness, you may find in nature and friends,
In money, luxuries, books, travel and adventures,
In prayers, philosophy, or philanthropy,
In children and elderly, in your perfect family picture.

Happiness, however, is your own choice-
It finds its origin in your decision to be so;
Flowing through fissures of despair it radiates,
Persuading others to overcome the darkness and feel so.