A Mirthful Marriage Approval!: A Story by Garima Sudan Kapoor

I was staying in Delhi with my paternal uncle and aunt. My marriage proposal was in process through a matrimonial advertisement in the newspaper. My aunt (Seema chachi) talked to Deepak’s father, Mr.Kapoor regarding Deepak and my profiles along with our families details.
My aunt would keep me updated.

It was a Sunday afternoon and I had a day off from my call centre. I was reading the book and then my aunt’s cellphone that was kept on the dining table started ringing. My aunt was sick, and was taking a nap. The ringtone ought not to wake her so I grabbed her phone from the table and wanted to check the name of the caller. After seeing Kapoor Sahab’s name on her cell, I ran to my uncle so he can take the call. He too was in half sleep and indicated me to give the cell to my aunt as she was handling all the matrimonial talks. When I went to my aunt’s room, she was in deep sleep and I didn’t feel to disturb her. For the first time in my life, watching in the movies to change one’s voice by keeping a cloth over the phone, I was all nervous but I tried to take the call. I answered the call, kept my dupatta on the mobile and greeted Mr.Kapoor. I pretended to be my cousin, Rimjhim and spoke to Kapoor Sahab, “Namaste, uncle, I’m Rimjhim. Mamma is sleeping.” To this he replied,”Oh ok. Rimjhim beta, no worries. Please tell Seema Behanji that Deepak saw Garima’s picture and he liked her. (Rimjhim beta, Seema Behanji ko please bata dena ki Deepak ko Garima pasand aa gayi hai.) So, we need to talk and take the next step.”

I was the first one to hear the good news of my marriage proposal getting fixed directly from Mr.Kapoor!

I was listening all this, nervous, butterflies in my stomach, heartbeat racing and amidst all these things I was giggling from inside whilst experiencing it all. Before disconnecting the call I assured him by saying that I will inform about his call. The moment I disconnected the call I went quietly upstairs in my room and mirthfully walking around the corners and thinking about whatever happened. After an hour, my aunt got up and I told her the whole thing and she replied, “Good, I slept. Such a wonderful thing happened that you took the call and heard the good news directly!” And my aunt and I were laughing, our voices resonating full of mirth!

In the second year of our(Deepak and I) marriage, during the vacation in Hyderabad, Deepak gleefully asked his father, “Papa, who did you speak and share the news of my marriage proposal to be taken to the next step?” And my father-in-law replied, “Seema Behanji’s daughter, Rimjhim.” My family was in mirthful mood after Deepak disclosed that interesting incident.