Goodbye brother dearest: A poem by Bhargavi Ravindra

The night was gloomy ominously dark, unashamedly sinister

Heavy raindrops on the window pain just grew louder.

Though I knew, yet I dreaded this moment of final goodbye

When I virtually witnessed your body lying in eternal peace

How traumatic it was not to hug you and kiss you goodbye Watch you in slow motion, with dry tears blurring my eyes.

Your stay on this earth was a treasure of silent victories

Way above the tangible stress, agony, and miseries.

You lay there oblivion to all those faces struck with grief

Your departure with no goodbye wave defied norms of belief.

A strong believer in destiny and its glorious uncertainties

You came back more stronger at life’s deplorable calamities.

Those childhood pranks, fun, bullying, teasing  ...just a memory 

The time we spent together, is now, nothing but history.

The grief may die down with time ….vacuum will never ever fill

The pain will run down our spines like a snowy morning’s chill.

Year Twenty-Twenty finally bade goodbye carrying lots with it

Pain of losing near ones, the trail of turmoil leaving behind it ,

Goodbye dearest brother, Rest in Peace… in heaven’s celestial paradise

Will not mourn your death….. will celebrate your LIFE.