Gone but Not Forgotten: A Poem by Banani Sikdar

Two buddies, sharing one brolly,
Sides wet, giggles muffled, jolly. Wayfarers, window shopping, accolades in proximity,
Destination eventual, a bistro, brewing coffee chocolaty.
Experience cozy, never to retract perhaps in eternity.

Flora rich park, lazy, relaxed day,
Wrought iron seaters occupied, romance in palatable tray.
A pack of almond, our sole resource,
A green cushion enough, a corner in the grassy course,
Musings shades of romance, loving memory, I can’t enforce.

Peals of laughter, punctuate memory,
Laughter resonating in carefree souvenirs.
The enchanted castle, cemented, fortified, with layers of trust,
As if a hydrogenated balloon, had long since burst.

Diary lost in a whirlpool of distress,
Ever since, your absence obliterated your presence in transgress.
You chose a world brighter than the bright,
Close to the furthest horizon, no available retriever, no freight,

Memories echo, vocal, loud, triumphant in overwhelming fright.