The Rainbow Spectrum: A Poem by Lalita Vaitheeswaran

On the canvas of my life, splattered with élan
Were the colors black and grey, which ubiquitously ran
Depression and melancholy scattered dullness and gloom
Desolate feelings sprung from the fear of death and doom
As the morning ball of gold spread its yellow golden rays
Enthusiasm, optimism and happiness began making its way
A little birdie chirped and sang and brought in some cheer of blue
My tumultuous stormy mind began a journey of calmness new
The greenery of nature fluttered to shed some of her hue in resplendence 
Harmonious melodies brought forth vitality and prosperity in abundance
The Lavender, Iris, Lilac and Bellflower, when purple tint in the fragrant air splash
Divinity and spiritual knowledge imbued in my inner self as a mystical flash
As the sun set and turned the azure sky into a crimson vault livid
A turbulence of power, energy, passion and desires began their display vivid 
I collected these shades in my lacy white strings of the heart’s harmony
Tatting them into tassels of purity, innocence and virtuous symphony
I found myself singing the motley, variegated, songs of the rainbow 
As the myriad of colors assorted orange embracing  the indigo!