Gone But Never Forgotten: A Poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

Bereaved  ‘n broken I blankly beheld the sky in the misty moist night
In the fuliginous empyrean out stood suddenly a solitary star shining so bright
Mesmerized, in that glow I saw your glimmering smiling face
Lit with such ethereal beauty, so full of grace
Every night I see you in the silence of my dreams
Standing with smiling eyes, as bright as sunlight on a stream
The very first thing that greets my eyes in the morn
When my big casement is wide open thrown
Is the crimson blossomed giant tree so dear to my soul
For under it we two siblings played when the years did roll
There isn’t a day that goes by without me
Thinking of you, who no more by my side ever will be
You went away so suddenly, we didn’t say goodbye
But sisters can never be parted, precious memories never die
I endure the times we spent together, they are carved in my heart
Your life, though ephemeral, through those memories we’ll never be apart
We grew up together, played, laughed, loved, shared our hopes and dreams
Until a void was left behind, without you, my world no more agleam
Tears and memories compile , my sweet companion, until we meet again
You are gone, but you live on, never ever to be forgotten