Gandhi-A Philosophy: A poem by Dr. Archana Tandon

His name was Mahatma Gandhi
Donning dhoti and shawl woven on the charkha

He reflected simplicity as his identity

Opposed to brute force and immorality
He stood for soul force and morality

A face of ethical living, vegetarianism, and pacifism
An embodiment of truthfulness, chastity, and temperance

He promoted non-violence and cleanliness 
And worked hard for the upliftment of the masses
Opposing social injustices
He streamlined his energy to abolish such practices

He preached to consider
Duties and responsibility as a priority

To rights and privileges 
With all his authority

His Dandi Salt March, Khilafat movement
Quit India movement and Satyagrah movement

Were all movements of defiance
Representing his belief in non-violence

Each Indian represents his philosophy
As the world knows India through this political identity

A man who stood for peace
Could not earn the Noble peace prize while alive

But the omission of 
Nobel peace prize the year he died

Was probably a sign of respect posthumously
Conferred on him after he was shot dead arbitrarily