Fugacious adaptations, forever love: A poem by Ankurita Khajanchi


The wheel of time is whimsical, harping its rhythmic tune
The waning gibbous shall turn into, waxing crescent soon
We’ll learn through these troughs to be equanimous up the faults
Cause life is a roller-coaster manifesting sugars and salts.

When the days are rainy, and struggles are real
When kins and friends turn soreheads, on things so trivial
When melancholy tries, to raise its head in strife
I’ll stand by My Love, in the ebb of Our life.

And here I am undeterred, and yes I am sane
For I have no right to love in triumph, if I leave in pain
Amidst the darkness of challenges, and bright moments of progress
Love isn’t love that alters, so I can’t love you less.

And so when the sun peeps out of the murky overcast
When a new leaf is turned, closing the book of past
Upon the ladder of attainments, brighter as you glow
I’ll be there My Love, to celebrate through the flow.

Weals and woes and the ups and downs 
Sweets and sours and the smiles and frowns
The adaptations are fugacious with a temperament to assess
This exquisite cycle of ebb and flow, like my love, is a continuous process.