Flight of fantasy: A poem by Amrita Lahiri Bhattacharya

How beautifully I roll in the splendorous arms of ecstasy,
The delirious winds create a drop of fallacy.
I ride on the galloping chariot of desire,
Where my heart’s wishes peel layer by layer.

Fairies and angels sprinkle pixie dust, 
Sublime caress of ebullient stars wreathed with evanescent crust, 
Dreams interwoven intricately on the bed of moonbeams, 
In the inky darkness, clouds collide with thunderous screams.

Oh! Sometimes I tread the unknown territory of goblins, 
Elves take me to the whimsical jungle amidst the robins,
Like a fool, dancing on the tunes of Pied Piper,
Sometimes, like the Highwayman pining for my lover!

I fly to the fairyland and meet Alice in wonderland,
Snow White with seven dwarfs tiptoes into my imagination band, 
While swimming, I travel nautical miles under the sea,
The Little Mermaid Ariel brings me back to the lea! 

I pirouette around like a Rapunzel with my long tresses, 
Wearing a frilly attire with jewels, the 
prince charming caress, 
I am the queen of the empire ruling the kingdom,
Spreading love with an equal proportion of knowledge and wisdom!

Ah! I am drenched in petrichor, 
The subconscious mind shouts, Encore, Encore!
Alas! The architect given carte blanche to plunder my dreams, 
All’s left few crumpled dust, is it a devil’s scheme?