Feeling monotonous with my daily routine

I decide to take a pause in between


The longing for a fernweh develops in my mind

In the fresh air I rush, leaving the drudgery behind


In the lovely world of my dreams I travel

Amidst the nature, in the green heaven


My long blue dress looks elegant, flowing to the ground

Perfectly matching with colour of the skies around


I love the light waves of air passing through my hair

Like a loved one, it gently caresses me there


The moist dew in the pure morning breeze makes it a little cooler

Rejuvenating and making me look lively and even more superior


Seeing me happy, the smaller branches of the trees around

Sway here and there happily, and dance merrily unbound


The perfume of flowers I breathe, in every puff of the air

Making the land divine, full of an aromatic atmosphere


Getting drenched in such lovely nature, I unwind

None of the worries now bother and duties I mind


Without any restrictions, my mind feels free

Instead of thinking for others, I live for “ME”


Sheetal Pradhan Deshpande


PS: “Fernweh” is a word of German origin which closely translates to “Wanderlust” in English.

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