An Unanswered Question


She arrived at the party

Dressed in a saree bright pink

Pearl necklace adorned her neck so sleek

She made a perfect picture of complete bliss


Behind all the glitter though

A sad look in her eyes could not be missed

A mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter-in-law

She tirelessly ran to and fro

To do justice to each role


But for her own life’s role

She remained highly unjustified

With each encounter on the outside,

She seemed to glow

But deep within, her life force kept ebbing low


One day I heard she was no more,

She had ended the outward show.

Did she have another option that she failed to choose?

Is she now at peace, glittering both inside out –

Remains an unanswered question now.


Geeta Kishore