Family: A poem by Bhargavi Ravindra

Oh, Family! dear family ………..What are we without thee?
You are the root, nurturing strong branches of a human tree.

A long stressful frustrating day, tired bones, chilling weather
It warms your heart to see your family waiting, as you enter.

Home is where the heart is, and the heart is where the family is 
Your heaven on earth, your undisputed kingdom, what a bliss.

Human beings, with deep-rooted family ties, are truly blessed
Stick with you come sunshine or rain – undeterred, unbiased.

Genuine love, care, and concern, family bonding helms from 
Against the tide you dare to swim, upfront you brave the storm.

A strong family behind you, a support system as solid as a rock
A rainbow in a bleak morning, amidst thorns a dancing peacock!

Social animals we, Survival in isolation is well nigh impossible
Concept of the family is like blood in our veins from time immemorial.

In the twilight of life, the dust settled long after heart’s outpouring 
Things that matter most is- family ties and faith strengthening.

In a course of one’s lifetime, the reigns of family get passed on 
It is for torchbearers to carry the family values as life goes on.

Alas the strong ties are snapping, bonds weaker by the minute 
Dents prominent, gaps wider, structure crumbling by the minute.

A family-prays eats stays together will find ways amidst thorns
At every bend, every hump love will illuminate paths unknown!