Eventide: A Poem by Banani Sikdar

When colors extravagant explode in the western sky,
Behind the hills, drops down, Appollo bidding goodbye,
Obscure grey lulls the scenario,
Skyline detailed silhouetted in the highlighted portfolio,
It’s Eventide, an indication sublime,
After the day’s hectic schedule, enjoy your maritime.
Sun perched soil exhale vapor with purring satisfaction,
Venus adorning occidental firmament in amber radiation.
Passerines retract nestle busy worbling,
To croon and rest with their fledglings.
Descends The Moon in subtle, silver fluorescence,
Mesmeric veil cloaks the sky incandescence.
Relax cordial folks in hearty association,
Lamp lights, Holy, flicker invoking Divine felicitation.
An auspicious segment, Eventide, the Creator’s purpose,
The day’s toil be rewarded by worthy recess.
Blissfully I seek home, my sweet, assured destination,
Together with my loved ones, to relish restive fascination.