Breathtaking Bali: A Poem by Banani Sikdar

A land of triumvirate, pragmatic vitality,
Between Java and Lombok, lies Bali, the breathtaking beauty.
Tradition, spirituality and aesthetics, Bali’s eternal grace,
Vivid, myriad of natural bounty in the dense embrace.

Appealing to the core, are beaches spectacular,
Great sweeping golden sand or lovely white cover,
Coastline rugged, patterning crystal clear water,
Kuta, Nusa Dua, an absolute paradise for beach adorers.

Adventure freak? Jump off the cliff, break the surf,
Sprawled out sea, most inviting liquid turf.
Aling Aling, in straight plunge, a natural water slide,
At Waterbom, feel light to swim, dive or glide.

Age-old values and traditional culture,
Solemn rituals, gala niceties, Bali’s indigenous features.
Omed Omedan, Kissing Fest or Monster Parade,
Take your pick, be part of the fun, festive arcade.

Prayer and spirituality practiced with devoutness,
Each home with a temple, marks conventional piousness.
Overlooking ocean water, Ulan Danu, majestic temple of grandeur,
With elaborate intricacies, Pura Besakih, adds to the splendor.

Mount. Agung majestic, rivers Ayung, Sungi, ribbon like, 
Ruderal wild canyons, brilliant blue Batur, Buyan, glassy lakes, 
Pure classic, varied scenic panorama, blissfully rejuvenating, 
An incredible experience, Bali is enchanting, exhilarating.