Eventide: A Poem by Amrita Chatterjee

On the canvas of the sky the luminous day makes way,
For the crepuscule colors to hold their ebullient sway.
Clouds sheathed in gold catching the glint of the sun,
Gold in rays streaming through every fluffy chink  stun.
The earth sparkles with Midas’ touch at this golden hour,
In an aureate aura ensconced every leaf and flower. 
The red spherule dips so slowly in the warm welcoming sea,
The expanse of liquid gold glitters in a merry spree.
Streaks of orange,  tint of magenta, splashes of crimson,
A medley of hues on the mesmerizing candescent horizon.
The song of day end, a befitting farewell plays at full tempo,
The birds, bees, crickets,  cicadas participate with full gusto.
The petals of fragrance bloom as if to allure in their midst the moon,
The tiddly breeze through the leaves a rustly melody croons.
The stars come alive with their twinkling light,
Taking the cue fireflies touch the dark with merry delight.
Ephemeral moments of mystical transformation touched by the surreal gleam,
Nature in concert invokes the realm of fairies and dreams.