Devil: A poem by Banani Sikdar

A Devil is presumably a force; dark, sinful, sinister,
Potent and present in every human nature.

An upright, honest, moral disposition is the best weapon,
To make the Devil barren,, slumber in its dungeon.

The Duress need not be a Don only in chores underworld, unsavory,
There are plenty of its embodiments in the living world customary.

A staunch criminal can be bailed out by an attorney’s vocabulary,
A gross violation of moral, can be approved by a religious dignitary.

A corrupt State – Head may sign deals for compromised Sovereignty,
Custodians may demand killing, to safeguard religion or community.

Women are tormented and burnt for want of dowry,
The sanctity of a woman is abused for vile luxury.

Estranged parents desert their own offspring,
Aged parents are ousted to seek Old-Age Home despairing.

The unwanted child  is left on the threshold of the Orphanage,
The burning desire for illicit union spurring sacrilege. 

Youths on drugs are drowning in the cavernous hovel,, 
Doom smiles, ”All these are the neat sketches of DEVIL – THE EVIL.”