Devil: A poem by Azucena Libiran Gonzales

He disguises himself in all his hideousness
He follows everywhere like a shadow in the darkness
We don’t realize that he’s there behind the scenes
Tempter of mankind; pulling strings and manipulating circumstances.

The devil, who prowls like a lion that roars
Our true enemy who’s seeking someone to devour
Battling with his temptations is a daily walk
On the souls of mankind, he wreaks havoc.

Learn to recognize and not fall victim to his advances
Yield to temptations brings defeat, depression, dishonor, or disgrace
Resist and don’t give him easy access to our lives
Observe and avoid sinful or negative patterns in life.

Never be motivated by jealousy, pleasure, or selfish ambition
Learn to control your anger before speaking or taking action 
If we fail to forgive, we can’t heal the broken relationship
The devil loves selfishness, strifes, and lack of forgiveness.

It’s always necessary that we be clothed with humility
Humbling ourselves receives grace from the Almighty
Our will and sincere desire to choose the right
Leads us away from the darkness to the light.