Cradle: A poem by Nisha Tandon

Every time the cradle rocked my angel to sleep
I sat there, enamored by her ethereal beauty
And the unblemished emotions that adorned her cherubic face
As the myriad shades of the sun sieved through the sheers
And played mischievously with her ringletted locks
I swelled in pride as she curled up her pinkie finger around mine
Softly I whispered sweet nothings in her ears
And in my words she found complete solace
When the cradle creaked,my heart melted with her shrilled cry
And I shushed her back to tranquil sleep 
Today there stands the deserted cradle
And in its lap lie some imperfect dreams
And all those sleepless nights that I have spent
Singing fading lullaby’s to an empty cradle
As the mother in me refuses to believe
That my angel is now back in paradise
I sing the lullaby yet again tonight
And a gust of wind awakens me from my sleep
And brings me back to the dark reality

As a sole tear trickles down my cheek, falteringly