Abandoned: A poem by Dr. Guncha Gupta

Winds of change blew anfractuous like a tempest
Where faith n’ credence quivered n’ quaked,
Life threw a new test for mankind
But mere mortals miserably failed.

The pandemic exposed chinks in human armors
And animate got sucked into black holes of fate,
Burials, Cremations lost all meaning
Where last rites were abandoned, delayed.

Bearing the brunt, the dead lay unattended
In heaps, on pyres or in makeshift coffins,
From nooks of their homes the dear ones mourned
Lost spirits trapped, remained in throes.

Empty handed the mortal came,
Empty handed truly he was in his last moments left.

Oh! No eulogies, no prayer meets, no gatherings to honor the dead man,
No dear ones in his last moments remained.
Could the world feel more abandoned
Than exposed by the pandemic today ?

Author’s Note:

One only needs to visit a crematorium or a hospital morgue today to understand how alone the pandemic has made man. Sad truth.