Contagion: A poem by Nisha Tandon

The deadly contagion crept sneakily into our lives 
As it spread like wild fire it caught us by surprise 
People feared catching the disease through close contact 
So they maintained safe distances as the virus incessantly attacked 

A disease that took the entire world by storm 
No vaccines, no cures and no medical reforms 
Outbreak of pandemic exposed us to numerous health risks 
And left the entire medical fraternity in a fix 

Day after day the number of infected people spiked
It affrighted people and left them completely psyched 
They struggled to cope with their financial losses
And tried to make do with limited resources 

Several measures were taken to stop the contagion’s spread 
Around the world that had led to millions of deaths
Social distancing and quarantine were practiced to name a few
People became alert and slowly awareness grew 

This contagion has hit the economy to such an extent 
Life has come to a standstill and left many homeless
Amidst lockdowns, people are undergoing bouts of depression 
In every field, this has led to severe regression 
Unforgettable shall remain this period of overwhelming fear  
When will this contagion be eradicated it isn’t clear 
The world may someday bounce back to its old ways 
But personal losses and scars are here forever to stay