Candle: An article by Monika Kapur

I am better off staying indoor today”, exclaimed Sneha.
“ Diwali is the festival of hope and lights and there’s no hope for me”, she winced inwardly.
Till last month, Sneha was a chirpy, young teenager who loved life and light but that day, that fateful day, everything changed. She rejected the advances of a local goon and the next day, he threw acid on Sneha just to prove his superiority. Sneha’s life was shattered. The entire Diwali day she locked herself inside her room and planned to follow the suit at night too. It was too dark inside her to enjoy lights outside.
Papa gently knocked her door and entered the room. Sneha got up and couldn’t control her tears. Papa hugged her and took out a candle from his bag.
“It’s not the ultimate darkness if the candle is blown by the strong storms, the ultimate darkness is when you have a matchbox but there is no will in you to light it. You have lost something but look inside you, burn the candle inside you and see how beautiful you are within you, get up my princess, you are still gorgeous, no one can take your inner charm”, said misty eyed Papa.
Sneha grabbed the candle and went outside to celebrate Diwali.