Can Happiness Ripen Without Pain?


Can Happiness Ripen Without Pain?


Why does the oceanic eye that holds the clandestine smile,

Keeps ambling from one coast to another like a vagrant,

In quest of the wayfarer it knew for eons?

Why the heart so enwrapped in amaranthine bliss,

At times inundates with the preponderance of Anguish?


Night befalls and the earthen lamp emits its propitious effulgence,

But still it is ordained to forbear the incapacity of piercing through the abstruse darkness.

The love in jejune eyes sheds tears in intense appeal,

For it longs to belong to both the hearts that gets frenetic to reveal.


If love is so ambrosial

then why the heart that holds its dormant essence is so indigent?

Like a medicant it begs iotas of amour to conciliate its emptiness.

The moisture laden clouds that are ever so ready to replete and reinvigorate life,

But when they rumble in crescendo their galvanized rage seems to daunt in might.


Ocean never reckons what mammon lies, clandestine in its chest,

Like some ardent soulmate it unweariedly lashes to embrace the sandy surface.

Where there is flow of opulence, alongside emanates a stream of dearth,

Confluence of both accentuates their eminence for lives on earth.


Indrani Chatterjee

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