Call for autumn: A poem by Kaberi Mukherjee

Oh Rain!
Spare me from another melancholic day
For you bring in the nostalgia of childhood days.
Your petrichor doesn’t charm me anymore
For it’s been long replaced by musty odour.

Oh, Rain!
How I wish to gather the night jasmine
That diffuse its essence with autumnal sunshine
A day I wish to spend by the stream
Which by now shall be filled to its brim.

Oh, Rain!
I wish a star-studded sky to kiss me goodnight
My bed beside the window to soak in moonlight.
I dream of white fleecy clouds in the blue sky
In the green fields, swaying Kash flowers glorify.

Oh, Rain!
Its time for the festivals of my land
Where diversity of culture go hand in hand.
To the refreshing autumn give way

I plead you to keep your showers at bay.