Border: A poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

The border felt like a swollen blister on her skin
It was an open scathing wound, emotional injury within
How harsh and painful it is when the countryside
Serves to separate one land from another lying side by side
With her daughter, she reached the  last check-in-point in that country
Aggrieved, hoping against hope that soon they would be free
For the land under their feet continued divided by a thick iron chain
Obsession with borders, it only stirred up racial panic for political gain
Her little girl put her leg across the fence- her left leg in that country
While she pushed forward her right leg on the  other side of  the boundary
She stood there baffled comparing both sides of the border
They were going back home, the mother informed her daughter
Then they waited patiently for their papers to be checked
They were let through after all was over and their faces inspected
Awed and afraid, shakily they stepped across the borderland
The mother bent down emotionally and kissed her muddy homeland
Her tears turned into a rainbow and enhanced the beauty
Of her land where she found all fair and pretty
Her mind had lost all colour, her heart had nothing to declare
Though her eyes had gotten colder, yet her soul had crossed the border.