Blaze: A Poem by Vandana Nadar

Can this ever end, the blaze of constant hatred?
This unstoppable conflagration has left so many hearts, homes, countries in flames and inflicted so much pain.
Strangely all for what?
Isn’t it insane?
We have set compassion on fire. Can we still call ourselves humane?
Though we so proudly claim that we created the modern world so sane.
It is all in vain when with one hand we hurl the bomb and with another we blame. 
We pretend to make it simple and plain that peace is our motive
and that we must attain.
But the next day, the news comes that put our untruths to shame
Again it wins, our hypocrisy and again we put humanity to flames.
Hasn’t this story been the same for eons, since we came out of caves and trained our minds to point our claim on the lands with distinct names?
If we have to blaze, it should be the covetousness and greed and unified we must destroy this maze that imprisons our gaze to not let us see beyond those narrow lanes, we declare as our domain.