Black: A poem by Ven-Lyn A. Valdez

I can hear the whispering beauty,
When there’s nothing else to see,
How it  is defined by the world,
And the people that surround me,
A kind of paradise I wish I could be.
Every morning I feel the heat of the sun,
Touching my soul and warming  my heart,
As the birds’ chirp, I said hello,
Without knowing where  they will fly,
My thoughts wander up the sky,
As I go down the riverside, I hear the flow,
Whether I like the sound, I never  know,
It keeps me reminding that life is a journey,
And it’s best being travelled by someone new,
Who is here with me and knows the way.
Truly I am  born a blessed blind,
But I see things more than any of you,
Perhaps, it’s all black here but not dark,
And when I fall asleep I also fade into,
But I feel lucky not seeing what is cruel, too!