Black: A poem by Kanakagiri Shakuntala

When white is deprived of light
‘Black’ looms threateningly
Giving an eerie feeling of something amiss depressingly
Misquoted and misrepresented,
Black was always a black sheep
Misjudged and misled “not as black as painted’, bleak
Black as a devil, black as  thunder
Black as a raven, black for sure is a  black wonder
Often looked down upon as a gross cataclysm
Foreboding evil and ushering  in some kind of a pessimism
For some ignorant, suggestive of superstition
For wizardry and witchcraft, black magic a rare opportunism
Black is majestic, formidable and at times daunting
Also comforting, soothing  and cajoling
Attractive and appealing in its grandeur
Accosting and admonishing with a flair
Black provides a scintillating canvas for lunar delights
Enhancing the full moon’s splendor so bright
The beauty of the skies on a dark and  blacker night
Twinkling, shimmering, the effulgence, an enchanting sight
When we begin to see everything in black and white
Things start falling in their place,  just about right