Black: A poem by Bhargavi Ravindra

It is Black all the way or nothing; no half measures when it is black 
One can analyze, rationalize or criticize
Yet, beauty in black is a treat to eyes; a stirring emotion in disguise!

Black is poignantly poetic; mesmerizingly and gloriously mystic,
How enchantingly enigmatic!

Black is the color idols of Gods are sculpted that adore temples 
Revealing trust, faith, the peace that evokes 
Yet, a sinful heart and an evil mind, black is the color that provokes 
Enthralled, we succumb to contrastingly different points of view!

The night sleeps blissfully under the starry veil
Weaving beautiful dreams on the satin black
Strangely, depth, the other colors lack
Yet, Black is the color that mourns with you at your loss!

Colorless water drops gather to form dark black clouds
On the blue expanse, a tiny patch of black,
Like an eyeliner(Kajal) enhancing the beauty of sea-blue eyes!

Black is the color which never loses its shine or gleans, amidst stars
Scientifically, spiritually black is the color held in awe
Sun may shine to bring out the best in you 
Alas ! the shadow is dark and black that faithfully follows you!