Birthday gift: A poem by Shashi Gupta

two babies born, under the same roof
one to the master, one to the poor help.
A party thrown to celebrate one
the poor child stayed alone at home.
all-day passed in waiting for a surprise
while his mother serves the rich man’s kids.

two babies grew, playmates now
shared toys and food, spent time together
through party times, one sat at home
waiting for the loving arms of his gentle mother.

clothes and toys passed down from one
made happy times for the poor boy
but bigger things that the rich boy had
the poor one spent time dreaming about.

now seven years have passed as friends
and another birthday looms ahead
what can his poor mother give him
but tit bits wrapped in loving arms.

all night he wished and dreamed
of a shiny red bicycle new
cried silent tears on his pillow that night
till no more could he keep awake.

the morning came, the song birds sang
the little boy ran to answer the bell
wide eyes popped out for what he saw
was the shiny red bike he had dreamed about!